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Is Technology Causing Your Child’s Obesity?

Close to 305 of children today are obese or overweight. Childhood obesity has become a leading concern for most parents across the globe. This comes amid worries emanating from the recent studies on the number of hours children are spending on television, browsing the internet and playing video games. Most parents have resulted to using technology so as to keep their children occupied. On the flip side, experts have opined that spending so much time on screens is unhealthy for kids. The effects are known to take a toll during adulthood. It is thus important pointing out that technology is a contributing factor to obesity.

What is the relationship between technology and obesity?

Excessive exposure to technology for kids is a recipe for disaster.

playing PlayStation This is in many regards to the physical activity of a child. The more a child is exposed to technology the lesser time they are physically active. A healthy childhood life involves much time running outside thus burning more calories. Technology is somewhat and impedance to this: kids spend more time in front of the television or computer screens. Alongside the foods children eat, such as snacks, there is a significant chance in weight gain. This analogy supports the fact that more technology is the main factor leading to a sedentary life for children.

In addition to the sedentary lifestyle that comes with technology for kids, whatever they are exposed to is an issue too. Most of the commercials entail low-nutrient foods, fatty meals, sodium, and sugary foods. This encourages children to love such foods. This form of food marketing is largely known to influence the child’s food preference. They tend to practice anything they watch on the television or see from the internet.

Technology affects a child’s sleeping pattern

playing PlayStation 2Most parents have a television in their kid’s bedroom. Some kids tend to stay up watching till late in the night. Lack of sufficient sleep has negative consequences on a child’s weight. One is likely to eat more than usual when awake since the hormone that triggers hunger is active. Children are likely to eat a lot of snacks due to technology influence. This comes with mindless eating too. Snacking is a common situation that arises with so much time on the screen. Children are likely to add excessive weight if they spend long hours in from of television, computer or video game. Limit the screen time so as to prevent child obesity.