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Massage Body Work Therapies
yellowBedS The power of touch heals the body, balances the mind and nourishes the soul.
Long considered a preventative medicine, massage combats chronic stress and increases circulation while detoxifying and oxygenating your entire system.
Swedish Massage

Enjoy this traditional massage as gentle strokes ease tension and relax your mind, body and soul. Fatigue is released and you as you are rejuvenated.

30 Min........ $40
1 Hour ......$75
90 Min.........$115


Deep Tissues Massage

Ideal for active adults and those who enjoy a deeper massage. Specific muscle groups and chronic conditions are focused on to help release muscle spasms and tightness. This massage is beneficial following a round of golf, tennis match or any fitness activity.

30 min .....$45
1 hour .....$80
90 min. ...$120

Aromatherapy Massage

This ancient healing massage utilizes essential oils extracted from plants and flowers to promote a sense of well being. This art of healing detoxifies the body and promotes a healthier immune system

1 hour ....$80


Hot Stone Therapy

Trails of heat flow deep within your body, from your feet through your legs and swirl into your back. Fresh stones, radiant with heat, chase the last bit of tension from your muscles.

1 hour .....$80

Pregnancy Massage

Specifically for expectant mothers. Gentle strokes are performed to target all areas of tension.

1 hour .....$75



This pressure point massage technique applied to the feet releases tension. Each point corresponds to an area of body in which to heal. Perfect for those on their feet all day!

30 min .....$50
1 hour .....$70



Exfoliating Body Therapies

Aromatherapy Salt Glow (Body Exfoliation)
Bringing back your skin's radiant glow, this exfoliating sea salt rich in ylang ylang, tangerine and lavender leaves your skin silky, smooth and mineralized. Recommended prior to any message.

30 Min........ $45
1 Hour ......$85

Full Body Polish Treatment (A GentleExfoliation)
Eliminating dead and dry skin cells through gentle exfoliation, this treatment leaves your skin soft and hydrated. Ideal for sensative skin.

30 Min........ $45
1 Hour ......$85


Hand & Feet Treatments

Never take your hands and feet for granted. Give them the attention they deserve. You will feel wonderful and totally refreshed.

Classic Pedicure........ 45 min. $40
Radiance Day Spa Pedicure........ 1 hr. $50
Includes salt glow exfoliating treatment mask and hydrating cream

Add French Polish......$5

Classic Manicure ........ 45 min. $20
Radiance Day Spa Manicure........ 1 hr. $25
Express Manicure Buff & Polish Change Only ....... $15
Add French Polish......$5

Other nail services available upon request





Eye Brow Design ........ $18
Chin, Lip or Under Chin ........$10
Leg (half) ....... $35
Leg (full) ......$50
Full Leg & Bikini ........ $80
Bikini-Brazilian ........ $50
Arm (half) ....... $25
Arm (full) ......$40
Underarm ........ $15
Back ........ $50 & up
Shoulders ....... $25 & up

Other waxing services available upon request


Skin Care Treatments

Radiance Customized Facial For all skin types
This classic deep cleaning facial offers exfoliation, steaming, deep pore cleansing and facial massage customized to suit your specific needs. Two facial masks are providing your skin with needed nutrients. Concluded with neck, face, arm & foot massage.
60 min ........ $75

Luminous "C" & "Sea" Ultimate Rejuvenation
Rejuventate dry, de-vitalized skin with this vitamin enriched facial. Treatment begins with a deep cleansing European facial followed by the application of Vitamin C, seaweed and squalane leaving your skin hydrated, tight and luminous!
65 min ........ $105


Plantomer Lift-Off Facial Ultimate Rejuvenation
Soothe sensitive skin with the combination of natural, anti-inflammatory active ingredients. A light cleansing and exfoliation precedes this treatment if skin allows.
65 min ........ $105

Rosacea Treatment For Couperose & Rosacea
This revolutionary facial treatment calms and soothes Rosacea. Allow the benefits of Greent Tea, French Rose and licorice to penetrate your skin, reducing inflammation and ruddy apearance.
65 min ........ $105

Gentlemen's Facial Just For Men
This deep pore cleansing facial alleviates clogged pores, ingrown hairs and razor burn.
60 min ........ $75

Mini Facial Perfect For Teens
Suggested for teenage acne skin types. Your skin is exfoliated, steamed, massages and deep pore cleansed. Two treatment masks follow.
45 min ........ $55

Back Beautification Hard To Reach Back & Shoulders
Your back is exfoliated, steamed, massaged and deep pore cleaned. Two treatment masks are applied.
60 min ........ $80

Exfoliating Facial Treatments

Glycolic Acid Wash A Gentle Exfoliation
Bring back your skin's healthy glow. This natural combination of fruit and flower acids stimulates your skin to produce healthy cells, reduce the appaearance of fine lines and scars, smooth and lighten dry, damaged skin. Experience Radiance you deserve!
30 min ........ $50

Microdermabrasion Ultimate Skin Exfoliation
Tiny bicarbonate crystals gently exfoliate damaged, tired skin. Our trained professionals properly diagnose the proper degree of exfoliation. Your full face and neck are treated.
45 min ........ $100
Series of 6 ........ $500

Glow and Go Select Area of Microdermabrasion
Our professional microdermabrasion treatment smoothes stretchmarks, scars or brown spots on any selected area of your body.
30 min ........ $45 & up

Ala Carte Facial Treatments
Add any of these nourishing therapies to enhance any facial treatment

Glycolic Wash ........ $30
Ampoule (Calogen, Vitamin C etc.) ........ $30
Aromatherapy Facial ....... $30
Active Contour Eye Treatment ......$30
Youthful Lip Treatment ........ $30


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